Tips to Save Browser Downloads directly on Memory Card by Samsung Galaxy S7

If you have installed Android Internet Browser on your Samsung Galaxy S7, then you will automatically transfer files such as documents, videos or music. Usually, these files are moved and saved by default on the phone’s internal storage.

Save Browser Downloads directly on Memory Card

However, if you want these files will be downloaded directly to your memory card, you can still do it in your phone settings. Here are the ways:

  1. Open the Android Internet Browsing. Click on the right top on “More”
  2. Move down to “Settings” and choose the entry
  3. Tap on “Advanced” in the next menu
  4. The advance settings of the Android browser is now on your view. Select your option of the storage under the entry “Save Content”
  5. Choose “SD card”

Now, you can save your files downloaded by Android Browser on your memory card of your Samsung Galaxy S7. Therefore, space on internal memory of your smartphone is no longer needed.

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