How to transfer music on your Samsung Galaxy S6

It is agreeable that Samsung Galaxy S6 is great for listening music on the move and hence to prepare for the next party or just to refresh. If you haven’t got any idea to transfer music on your device, here are some easy steps to transfer music on your Samsung Galaxy S6.

How to transfer music on Samsung Galaxy S6

  1. Transferring music by USB cable
    This way is commonly used to listen to music on your Samsung Galaxy S6. All you have to do is only connect your device via USB cable to the PC. Now, you are able to access the internal memory of the Samsung Galaxy S6. You can create a folder with music there. Therefore, you can copy your MP3 files in this folder. Your newly transferred songs will be automatically with the built-in Android the Media Scanner.
  2. Transferring Music by Cloud
    If you want to have your music stored in the cloud like Dropbox, you should download the “Dropbox” app or another cloud storage app on your Samsung Galaxy S6. Then, you have direct access to your cloud files via this app.
  3. Music on Google Play Music
    All android smartphones have got pre-installed Google Music. Then, when you are loge in, you are able to listen to music and or download it. There so many choices of music available in this portal. The good news is that you can test Google Play Music 30 days for free, if you used this service for the first time. It is absolutely worth recommended.

Now, you have three different choices to hear as well as to download previous music on your Samsung Galaxy S6

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