How to Fix No LTE Available After Update on Samsung Galaxy S7

Since the new firmware update with Android has been offered, you can install and update your Samsung Galaxy S7. However, if you have done this, you may not get LTE link on your device.

No LTE on Samsung Galaxy S7

Without LTE connection, especially the dial-up of the device into the LTE link, you won’t be able to surf the internet with LTE high-speed. But, we have some advices to solve this issue:

Wipe Cache partition

You should perform a Wipe Cache partition on your Samsung Galaxy S7 after the update. There won’t be any deleted private files, but only the previous temporary system files. You can execute the Wipe Cache Partition in some minutes and it frequently takes desired success. You can find the instruction to perform a Wipe Cache Partition on your S7.

Reset to network Setting

When you find no improvement on the Wipe Cache with LTE network, you can reset the connection setting as follows:
Open the menu of your Galaxy S7, go to Settings. Click on Backup & Restore, and the move down the next submenu until you view this below choice:
Resetting Network Settings
As soon as you tap the entry, your wireless, Bluetooth, and mobile network setting return to the default setting.  Always be noticed that you have to re-enter Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Data.

Restart your device

It is a must that you have to restart your device after the actions to terminate the file system and then restart it. Hopefully it can help you to restore an unused LTE network for your updated Samsung Galaxy S7.

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