Galaxy S10 is Expected to come with a Faster Battery Charging Speeds

Samsung Galaxy S10 is expected to come with a variety of new features that are expected to enhance your overall smartphone experience. We have heard about tricks like the Bitcoin wallet reversing wireless charging and enhanced photography features but subsequent leaks offer Galaxy S fans the details they definitely like. New phones will result in faster charging according to trusted leakers.

samsung galaxy s10 battery

With faster charging it doesn’t matter if the upcoming Galaxy S10 won’t have a battery as big as its competitors and of course Samsung pays attention to many battery sizes and quality.

According to recent leaks, the Galaxy S10 will come in four sizes including 58 inches (Galaxy S10 Lite), 61 inches (Galaxy S10 Edge), 64 inches (Galaxy S10 Plus) and 67 inches (Galaxy S10 5G). Larger phones will pack larger battery packs but don’t forget that all premium handsets will display a fingerprint sensor on the screen that can occupy a lot of space below the real estate screen that should be used to increase battery size. In addition this cellphone is expected to have a headphone jack. Removing the 3.5mm port like OnePlus with the OnePlus 6T will allow smartphone makers to cram other components in that slot and expand the size of the battery.

Samsung Galaxy S10 User Guide

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