How to Activate Private Mode on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

How to Activate Private Mode – One method to secure your individual items inside your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ is utilizing the phone’s private mode. This function can be used to maintain all of your private information hidden in a particular file in your system.

Note: to safeguard the invisible or hidden items, make sure to disable Private mode after every use.

Please follow these measures to make use of private mode setting in your Galaxy S6 Edge+ :

  1. Please go to the Home screen.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Personal to see more options.
  4. Scroll and select Privacy and Safety.
  5. Then select Private Mode.
  6. You’ll be prompted using a disclaimer information. See the disclaimer and select Confirm to continue.
  7. To enable Private mode on your Galaxy S6 Edge+, please select the slider that located on on the top-right of the Private mode screen.
  8. Now select an unlock method on the next screen. One of the possibilities include Pattern, PIN, Password, and Fingerprints.
  9. To complete the process, please follow the onscreen instructions to accomplish the procedure. Skip to steps 10.
  10. Then select PIN to continue with this manual.
  11. Enter a PIN when prompted using the Set PIN screen and select Continue.
  12. Re enter the same PIN to verify it.
  13. Tap OK.
  14. To automatically eliminate or turn off Private mode as soon as your phone display turns off, please tap the slider next to Auto Off.

You can start selecting contents to hide in your device when Private Mode is enabled.

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