How to change mobile network on Samsung Galaxy S6 into GSM mode

Usually, carriers offer various choices of mobile networks over that users can use in the Samsung Galaxy S6 for calling, texting and browsing. The networks offered are:

  • GSM
  • LTE

The GSM network is the oldest network and has the most developed network coverage. But, UMTS and LTE are not quite good, but you can use high data stream with it, which is very useful for the mobile internet. But there is a time when you need to change the mobile network on the Samsung Galaxy S6 into the GSM mode. By using GSM mode, you can make calls in an area without a good UMTS or LTE network coverage.

When you change the mobile network on your Galaxy S6 into GSM mode, your phone will experience different effects, they are:

  • Voice quality in call increases, because GSM is the best developed network.
  • The internet speed is very low, because low data transmission over the GSM network.

The GSM mode is very useful for those who need network connection for calls in the WCDMA and LTE networks, which are usually the voice quality on both networks is poor.

Thus, we would like to tell you how to change the mobile network on your Galaxy S6 into GSM mode. This works as follows:

From the home screen, open the Menu > Settings > Mobile Network > Network Mode.

Then, it will open a submenu, where you can find some choices as below:

  • LTE /WCDMA/ GSM(auto-connect)
  • WCDMA/ GSM(auto-connect)
  • WCDMA only
  • GSM only

Then you should choose GSM only, to set your phone into GSM mode. And now, your Galaxy S6 is registered only in the GSM mode.

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