How to convert Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge into the Iron Man edition using SlickWraps

The Iron Man skin for the Galaxy S6 Edge has been released. So, it is possible for you to convert your device into an Iron Man edition phone. If you want to transform your original Galaxy S6 Edge, take a look of how to convert original Galaxy S6 Edge into the Iron Man edition.

iron man samsung galaxy s6 edge

When you start to apply the skin on the Galaxy S6 Edge, we recommend you to check the video guides that available on the website. Totally the installation process is quite simple, especially for those who are accustomed to apply skins on the devices. When you are applying the skin, it can be so time-consuming and require your full attention and care, but the final result is surely worth it.

The part of the skin includes the red color on front and back part, meanwhile the gold color is around and covers the metal frame, along with all smaller components to cover the camera unit, the heart rate monitor, and the physical home button. When apply those parts, it’s suggested to use a blow dryer to help attach the parts that are quite finicky and not want to stay stuck. The packaging of the skin also includes duplicate pieces for a lot of smaller components which are a little harder to apply.

There is a skin available for the home button up front to maintain the overall style and look. Sometimes, because you put a sticker on top of the fingerprint sensor, it doesn’t work anymore. So, if you are a person that often use the finger scanner, this part that you have to leave out.

You have noticed that on the original Galaxy S6 Edge, there is a special edition wireless charger alongside it that looks like an arc reactor. SlickWraps has a skin available for Samsung Wireless charger too that you can get for an additional $4 if you purchase it as a part of the set, or for $9.50 if you take it separately.

In terms of price, of course you don’t need to purchase a high price for a limited edition of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, instead of the SlickWraps Iron Man series that priced at just $25. This option skin is not only available for the Galaxy S6 Edge, but also available for other devices too, for instance the latest iPhone.

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