How to Download Side Screen Update in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

As you must have already known, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is a Smartphone that has the distinguishing feature curved display. The Edge information and content is displayed on the right side.

Originally, the users could only use a few functions. However, with the time being, it looks like Samsung will improve the possibilities of this Edge display. Therefore, to stay update, the users need to download side screen update for themselves.

Here, we will share you the tips to download side screen update in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, as follows:

  1. Firstly, please open from the home screen the menu
  2. Then, go to the Settings.
  3. After that, please tap on “Edge Screen”
  4. Then, please scroll in the next sub-menu all the way down
  5. Next, please select “About Edge Screen”
  6. Here, you will see a button with “Check for Updates”.
  7. Please tap on the button.
  8. Doing that, you will open the Galaxy App Store, where the button “Update” is visible.
  9. Please note that the software of the Edge Screen can be updated via the button if not already done.

These are the tips to download side screen update in Samsung galaxy S6 Edge. We hope that these tips are helpful for you.

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