How To Solve Samsung Galaxy S6 Black Screen Problem

If you are the Samsung Galaxy S6 owners, you may notice that the device gets black when you turn on your smartphone. In this case, the Samsung Galaxy S6 is ON but it remains black screen without showing anything. This problem can be caused by:

1. The Samsung Galaxy S6 screen is defective

You can’t do anything when the problem is screen defective. So, you should bring your smartphone to the service center using the warranty.

2. The system error on Samsung Galaxy S6 Android software and the display is not activated

To fix the problem caused by system error, you have two choices to fix the problem.

Wipe Cache Partition

You should press the Power key + Volume Up key + Home button together.

When you notice that the smartphone vibrates once, release the power key but keep the other two keys until you see a small menu appears on the display.

Highlight the entry “Wipe Cache Partition” using the Volume down key. Then select the entry using the Power button which leads to starting process. Usually this action takes a few seconds. And then you will see the previous displayed menu reappears. Select “Reboot System Now” and run the command by using Power button. Your Galaxy S6 will reboot now.

Factory Reset

In case this method doesn’t bring any changes to your Galaxy S6, you should try to perform a factory reset. This action will cause your Galaxy S6 into the first condition after you purchased the smartphone.

How to perform Factory Reset?

To do the factory reset on the Samsung Galaxy S6 we will tell you in detail in the next article about Samsung Galaxy S6 Factory Reset.

Hopefully your Samsung Galaxy S6 will perform normally as soon as possible after reading this guide.

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