How to use 3×4 keyboard on the Samsung Galaxy S6

If you like to enjoy messaging using a 3×4 keyboard, you may consider it as good news. Because this feature you can find on the Samsung Galaxy S6. The 3×4 keyboard is similar to the keyboards that you can find on old mobile phones.

3x4 keyboard on Samsung Galaxy S6

How to enable the 3×4 keyboard on your Samsung Galaxy S6, we would like to explain you here:

From the home screen, open the menu and then go to settings. Tap on the entry “Language and Input” and then choose “Samsung Keyboard”. You can find directly on the top “Input Languages” including the keyboard layout. Tap on the entry, and you will find in a pop-up menu the 3×4 keyboard.

This keyboard can be shown in all apps, so you can type using this keyboard.

Finally, you have known of how to activate the 3×4 keyboard layout on your Samsung Galaxy S6.

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