Microsoft Office Apps is Brought to Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge

It is reported that Google is on roll with their software patches this month. Still, in the mean time, the Google is also continuing their binge with Samsung’s pair of flagship devices.

microsoft office apps samsung galaxy s6

Myce reported that the latest Android update will bring the Microsoft Office apps to Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. It is reported that the build number will be LMY47X.G925FXXU2COH2 to install Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint to both devices. In addition, it is imperative to note that these new apps will not come with full capacity. this is because they have been tweaked to run smoothly on Android software.

According to our observation, the update will be in size of approximately 220 MB. Overall, based on our checking to the update, we can say that the firmware update will feature several changes, as follows:

  1. Improving the camera focus, speed and accuracy.
  2. Adding several new icons on the Settings menu.
  3. Enhancing enterprise support and provide many new features for Xperia in Business.
  4. Providing device integration with Sony’s SmartWatch 3.
  5. Making improvement of toggles for volume and silent mode.
  6. Making easier access to events via Calendar agenda in Email.
  7. Proving Instant calendar events, creating and sharing smart events directly from any email.
  8. Adding some new Wi-Fi and Bluetooth options in Notification menu.
  9. Adding an enhancement in Xperia themes.
  10. Enabling more control to the notification animations with the more simplified and enhanced design.
  11. Integrating LinkedIn to Calendar and Contacts.

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