Review of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge battery

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge may have come with a lot of ideas; unfortunately there is one area on the device that can’t be removed: the battery. The device has 2600 mAh battery but it doesn’t like its predecessors: it’s non-removable battery.

Samsung states that the device will survive in whole days and conditions. Considering the statement, Android Authority has tested the battery life, the result for the first 24 hours and following few days are available. Then how the battery performs after four weeks, we’ll show you below which all at once answering people’s question of how long the expectation of battery to last?

Talking about the average of battery life, it’s better to define about the average battery life. Here, people tend to use the handset all the days from the morning until the end of the day.

The average times of battery life is about 14 up to 18 hours per day, with auto brightness screen set between 40 and 60 percent.

There is one problem on the Galaxy S6 Edge, when you use the handset for gaming or watching video it leads on the battery drain. Someone experienced this when watching a movie for two hours using full brightness, the battery decreased 35 percent. This automatically will reduce the average of battery life to 13 hours.

According to the source the use of screen on time, an average screen on time from 3-4 hours on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is satisfactory rather than a full day’s usage. So, if you use your device more often from four and five hours, your battery life will reduce the battery life about three hours. If you set the brightness on auto, the battery life will drop to an average between 14 and 16 hours, and then full brightness will lead your handset to worse battery life.

The problem of the battery in the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge could be a challenge for the users. But, it’s interesting that Samsung has packed the Quick Charging feature on the handset. Using this feature, you will be able to charge the handset quickly.

When you try the Quick Charging, you will notice a 30-minute charge can increase the battery life up to 50 percent, while you need 80 minutes to have a full charge on your handset.

So far, how do you use the handset? Tell us about the battery life and screen on time of yours.

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