Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Dockless DeX features are present in the Galaxy S9 and S9 plus

This is good news that Samsung has brought Dockless DeX features to the Galaxy S9 and S9 plus discovered by SamCentral Discord after testing the leaked Samsung Experience 10 beta for the device.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Dockless DeX

Users of Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ will be able to use the Dockless DeX feature with the help of an HDMI to USB Type-C cable. The first iteration of Samsung DeX that debuted with the Galaxy S8 requires the Samsung DeX Pad or DeX Station, it includes a small round-shaped dock that allows users to connect an HDMI cable ethernet cable and USB device into it. Users can also connect a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard to use with it; all of this allows users to use their Samsung phones as computers. The second iteration of the DeX Pad comes with the launch of the Galaxy S9 lineup which includes a USB port and an HDMI port. This new version also acts as a trackpad and keyboard to keep the USB port free for other devices.

With the launch of the Galaxy Note 9, Samsung changed DeX and made it all wireless. The company makes the DeX feature available without the need for an external hardware unit. The latest iteration from Samsung DeX allows users to connect the monitor to their Samsung phone with the help of an HDMI to USB Type-C cable. And that’s all just by connecting the phone to the DeX interface monitor ready to be used on a larger screen. In addition users can use their mobile screen to control DeX or they can connect a Bluetooth mouse or keyboard. Even though the new DeX seems better it can only open up to 5 windows instead of the 20 windows that were allowed in the previous iteration with DeX Pads.

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