Samsung Galaxy S10 Leak Highlights New Camera Features

Samsung Galaxy S10 Camera – Samsung has placed great emphasis on its camera in marketing the Galaxy S smartphone but the previous trademark and software names show that South Korean companies work hard on biometrics and eye / gaze control for the Galaxy S10.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Camera

We already know a lot about the handset thanks to the increase in the number of leaks and various steps of Samsung. This company has launched a smartphone feature that we hope can be seen in the Galaxy S10 on new mid-range devices.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Camera

Last month, Samsung also launched the first cellphone featuring three and four cameras. At least one Galaxy S10 phone will have three cameras with the 5G version expected to feature four rear cameras in total. In addition Samsung announced the new Exynos chip a few weeks ago which is expected to give strength to the Galaxy S10 phone.

Dynamic Vision is likely to refer to underlying camera technology that can track objects up to 2000 frames per second. Samsung has demonstrated the slow motion capabilities of smartphone cameras binding in image processing at ultra high speed perhaps located at the heart of Personal Vision and Vision Detection.

Samsung Galaxy S10 User Manual

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