Samsung Galaxy S6 Active was appeared on the official website list

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active – Nowadays, Samsung Galaxy S6 is so popular as the object of various rumors. And recently, the device is now spotted in many occasions, for example: in press images and live photos. Moreover, the specifications of the device have also been leaked, so it will be easy for us to know what is going to arrive.

A couple days ago the fact appeared that the rugged version of the Galaxy S6 was in a list of devices as a part of a Samsung Plus Program. The program is intended to be a form for loyal Samsung users, conducts by the company itself, and this program gives special offers and benefits to the most devoted users.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active

From the table, we can see that the Galaxy S6 Active was placed and removed quickly which was intended to explain the point-based system on Plus program. Each device appeared its own release date and point value, which depends on how long you have held the device before enrollment. The Galaxy S6 Active was spotted between the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge, one interesting thing is, it shown the release date which was similar like the rest of the other, on April 10th.

Considering the fact on the table, it seems that the list could be a slip-up and the values were also copied from the S6 line. From a data, Samsung Galaxy S6 Active will come out a few months later, between June and July.

The specs of the Galaxy S6 Active is said to be similar with it siblings. It will spot the Exynos 7420 SoC, 5.1 inch of QHD Super AMOLED, 16 MP of rear-camera and 5 MP of front-camera. The battery will be larger at 3,500 mAh exactly without a microSD slot.

In term of price and availability, we haven’t got sufficient info yet. But, we can easily assume that the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active will be available on AT&T in the US.

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