Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Color Variants

The emergence of the Galaxy S6 Edge answered rumors about the flagship device. The Galaxy S6 Edge features two curved display, not only one. One interesting thing from this device is the premium build quality with its unibody metal and glass. Samsung believes that the Galaxy S6 Edge can attract anybody’s attention. The device comes in a variety of colors that surely help you to choose easily.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Color Variants

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Color Variants

Samsung provides variants of color for both version of the Galaxy S6, the Edge and the non-Edge. The available colors are: white pearl, black sapphire, gold platinum and while the blue one on the Galaxy S6 was not found on the Edge version, but the exclusive color for the S6 Edge is green emerald.

The green emerald version, as the most stand out color, it has uniqueness in its exclusivity. You can find its translucent element because of the glass panel. Although it is unconventional, but it is not as flashy as the blue version of the Galaxy S6.

If you prefer ornate look, you can choose the gold platinum version. It could be suitable option for you. Surely, it is the flashiest of the available options. But, the metallic look is suitable with the new metal and glass unibody which adds premium value for this device.

Go to the more traditional versions, Samsung has black sapphire and white pearl. The black one has a bluish tinge on it. It’s translucency due to the glass panel on the front and back. It does look nice and different from other black phones. For the white pearl version, you can decide this option if you don’t want anything too flashy. Surely, it is a great choice.

So, we have talked about variants of color of the Galaxy S6 Edge. Which one do you prefer to?

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