Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: The best option of smartphone for business users and IT staffers

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge – Nowadays, Samsung becomes the most popular smartphone company. We have noticed many devices released by Samsung become the flagship smartphones for each time. And last month, Samsung released its impressive dual smartphone, the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge, both smartphones are quite similar but for the Galaxy S6 Edge has edge-curved screen and slightly larger battery.

samsung galaxy s6 edge

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

And now, it is easy to look for the Galaxy S6 Edge reviews. You can find the comparisons of the Galaxy S6 vs Galaxy S6 Edge easily on the internet. Including this article, but wrote this article from the point of view for business users and IT staffers who need to support them.

What do you like from the Galaxy S6 Edge? Security, screen, style and specs

The most necessary feature in the Galaxy S6 Edge is the KNOX. This is Samsung own security platform created for the Android OS.

KNOX allows IT admins to use a variety of popular MDM tools to manage Samsung devices, this including BlackBerry, SOTI, AirWatch, Citrix, MobileIron, FAMOC, Good Technology and MaaS360.KNOX covers more than 1,500 mobile device management (MDM). It has worked together with multiple countries, with security certifications from those countries, such as: Canada, Australia, Finland, UK and US. According to Eric Mc Carty, the vice president of Samsung mobile product marketing, currently the US FBI uses KNOX to manage more than 28,000 devices.

KNOX lets separating of work and personal data on the corporate-managed devices. But the Galaxy S6 Edge users get a variety of KNOX automatically, even if their IT departments decide not to deploy Workspace. The My KNOX app is available on the Google Play Store that allows users to create their own separation of work and personal data.

Since the Galaxy S5 featured the fingerprint scanner, now Samsung also applies the fingerprint scanner to its latest generations of the Galaxy S and the Galaxy Note devices. On the Galaxy S6 Edge, this fingerprint scanner works better, because you have no longer swiped finger. You just need to tap a digit on the oval-shaped home button. It’s a good way to protect your Galaxy S6 Edge for IT and corporate users.

The Galaxy S6 Edge also packs the best display screen, with a 5.1 inch of QHD Super AMOLED 2560×1440 pixels. This device also sported a 16 MP of rear-facing camera with OIS.

A wireless charging feature will help you to charge your Galaxy S6 Edge quickly. The multitasking feature on the Galaxy S6 Edge lets you to view and use more than one app in one time.

Considering the best features on the Galaxy S6 Edge, it’s still has its shortage. The battery of the Galaxy S6 is horrific, and there are still bugs in the Android software, and particular apps don’t run well or even don’t run at all.

But, it’s a cool smartphone, and of course be able to grab publics’ attention.

However, in term of price, the device is higher $100 than the regular Galaxy S6.

It’s the best option for those in business or IT area.

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