Samsung Galaxy S6 sells better than the Galaxy S5

Samsung, the Korean technology giant said that its flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S6 has succeeded to reach selling achievement over the last year model, the Galaxy S5.

samsung galaxy s6 vs galaxy s5

During the past year, Samsung’s profit decreased by the Galaxy S6 predecessors. Generally, publics highlight the Galaxy S5 as the cause of the profit decreasing. In the profit report on last Wednesday for the first quarter which ends in March 31, before selling the Galaxy S6, Samsung reported that its mobile division dropping 57 percent from a year earlier, although the profit margin rose slightly from the previous quarter.

Although Samsung has taken its place back as the best-selling smartphone maker in the world of the first quarter, the figures from a pair of data trackers revealed that the rebound was due to the tapering of Apple’s iPhone sales. Samsung sold its smartphone 6 percent fewer in the first quarter compared to the previous years.

Samsung is now counting on the Galaxy S6 which is ready to purchase since April 10, with slim body, new metal body and improving specs. In a discussion with analysts on Wednesday, the vice president of mobile division Park Jin Young said that the Galaxy S6 sells better than the Galaxy S5. After the statement Samsung shares increased 1.4 percent to 1,385,000 Korean won, or about 1,297 USD.

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