Samsung Galaxy S7 Arrives in 2 Versions Rumors

The only Korean company that is going to use Qualcomm’s next high-end chip is Samsung, rumour says that Samsung is going to have an exclusive on the Snapdragon 820 till April. So next year in the first three month there is no other smartphone manufacturer would launch a mobile phone sporting this special SoC.

The next Samsung Galaxy flagship smartphone has said that it will come with a pressure-sensitive screen (s we hav eseen on Apple’s 3D Touch), the retina scanner, an USB Type-C port, an excellent improved camera, and probably an expandable storage (but available for a non-curved iteration of the device.

Snapdragon 820 is going to be exclusive until April in the net year. The rumours of the Samsung Galaxy S7 have spreaded, rumour said that this Galaxy series will be in two versions, one of the feature is a Qualcomm’s Snapdragon which has 820 chipset at the helm.

The evidence seems has not been seen, people only spread rumour but if Samsung does, then Samsung would have competitive advantages for some weeks, if the Samsung Galaxy S7 will get unveiled (as hoped) at MWC on February and then begins shipping on March.

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