Samsung Galaxy S7 release would have an aesthetic changes in the design

Some critics has given any suggestions to the Samsung company that because the smartphone has already had the big design change so Samsung shouldn’t do any change in one year later.

Probably this Samsung’s “S” release is only like ween they do the same thing in the basic with the Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy S5, that looked almost the same among one another.

The change about the Samsung Galaxy line of the phone for The Samsung Galaxy in 2016 would be “in the details”. Informations from Korea is that the phone maker is going to focus on update the tinier details such as processor speed, the camera power, and quality of the display . This is in stark a contrast to the Samsung Galaxy S6 and The Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus which is released in 2015 where the so-named “Project Zero” devices were given a very big overhaul from the outer designs of the Samsung Galaxy S5 and S4 before them.

The details of The Samsung Galaxy S7 brings a retro rumor back. Based on the the Korea Times, that has a sort of MIXED history when it comes to clear sources, a telephone call from “Samsung sources”.

The Samsug Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge show any significant progress, the Samsung Galaxy S7 would have improvements whether in quality of the picture, performance etc it has been said to the source. “But due to the phone has already been commoditized, you needn’t to spend more on a surface overhaul.”

We still could expect for a microSD card slot that will appear again. We also expect for a new look at how the systems of speaers are handled, and how about the Samsung Galaxy Note 6? There we are still believe that the battle which has been brought by LG would spark some interest in the return to the ability to open up – a removable batteries, a microSD storage slot like we’re expecting for on the Samsung Galaxy S7.

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