Samsung reveals the problems of both versions of Galaxy S6 regarding performance issues

Two versions of Samsung Galaxy S6 come with impressive specs on it, in spite of the fact there is a mishandling of its 3GB of RAM which leads to the generous.

samsung galaxy s6 issues

When the device is in use, the app store information in the RAM for quick access is typically removed when the apps are closed, remains the space for other programs.

It’s clear that the both versions of Galaxy S6 have trouble clearing this information away. So, it leads on forced-closing apps.

Samsung has responded the complaints quickly and said that Samsung is in the process to release the bug fixes regarding to the phone’s performance and stability. Moreover, the users should check the updates on their phones via Settings > About Device > Software Update > Update now.

Both phones run on 64-bit Exynos 7420 bit processor, 16 MP and enhanced OIS on the rear-cameras, and improved TouchWiz.

Moreover, the devices also features 5.1 inch, 2560×1440 pixels of QHD display, the Edge (for the Edge version).

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