T-Mobile releases the retail value of Samsung Galaxy S6

T-Mobile is doing a contest in the U.S in which customers can get the upcoming Galaxy S6 for free. As is the giveaways in the country, the carrier has listed the retail price of the device, which costs $699. So far, there is no information yet of storage variant, so it is possible for the listed model is the 32GB version.

t-mobile samsung galaxy s6

The price is more expensive $100 than the retail price set by HTC in its own giveaway of the One M9. The higher price of the Galaxy S6 comes due to its QHD display, while the One M9 comes with a Full-HD screen.

Moreover, there is also Samsung’s brand recognition to consider even though the manufacturer is facing a late sales decline, but it sells more handsets than the next four Android devices manufacturer.

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