How to Replace Samsung Galaxy S6 Screen

How To Replace Samsung Galaxy S6 Screen – Samsung Galaxy S6 uses Gorilla Glass 4 for their screens. Gorilla Glass 4 is reported as harsh Corning glass ever, and should be able to prevent broken screens in many cases, but accidents continue to occur.

how to replace samsung galaxy s6 screen

Keep in mind that repairs should be made by a experienced or qualified person otherwise more damaged may be caused by the device. If you are that person or trust in your abilities, this guide is for you.

How to Replace Samsung Galaxy S6 Screen

Required tools:

  • A pair of tweezers
  • PH00 Phillips screwdriver
  • Case Opening tool
  • Heat hairdryer or gun
  • Suction cup
  • A Spudger (optional)

Here are the steps How to Replace Samsung Galaxy S6 Screen:

  1. Take out the SIM card tray by turning off the Samsung Galaxy S6 and use ejector pins or tweezers to take the SIM card tray out.
  2. Take apart the battery door by heating up the Samsung Galaxy S6’s battery door. Pull out the battery cover using the suction cup. Enter the Open Status tool to widen the gap. Disconnect the battery door from the phone.
  3. Release the rear housing by undo the 13 screws in the back, heat the LED unit, and unplug the rear seats from the led unit with the help of a suction cup and a case slot.
  4. Remove the motherboard by mute the assembly connector, the front camera connector, the battery connector, the earphone connector, and the flexible ribbon connector for the home button. Unplug the motherboard and release the floppy strip of the USB charging unit.
  5. Remove the battery and small components. Bathe the battery with Spudger gently. Remove the front camera facing the camera. Remove the earphones.

Remove the vibrating motor.

  1. Unplug the charging port module. Disconnect the Bluetooth cable and Wi-Fi. Turn off the earphone screws.
  2. Remove the housing house. Heat the LED unit to remove the front panel.

That’s all some tips on How to Replace Samsung Galaxy S6 Screen.

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