Samsung Galaxy S7 specs details leak in factory some pictures

Samsung Galaxy S7 specs – It have bees seen at the some detail posts we have gotten now for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and stay tuned – this is going to be a very different, little bit wild ride.

Samsung Galaxy S7 specs

The Samsung Galaxy S6 has had a curb of metal more than it has one sheet so that is why the wireless charging plate inside is available to power the battery. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Plus is rendering curb (according to blueprints) Samsung possibly can accomplish this thing by using wires which will go up via a set portals that looks smaller.

The metal material piece that you have seen in here is not the same as the Galaxy S6. What would you see below is a pictures from iFixit, it shows a teardown of the Samsung Galaxy S6 – it pays attention closely to the upper left. See how those piece of metal materials have a big hole in the it’s center ? if only this is actually part of Samsung hardware,which they have made decision to create the other Galaxy Mega, with no addition of wireless charging. That is the possibility,or it can be that these massive phones aren’t Samsung device at all, but a smart follower of the trend. The source of this set of pictures are in Korea, so it can actually come from any other phonnes manufacturer in the world.

As Vlad from GforGames has suggested that the chassis “looks to match the SGS7’s ‘explanation’ pretty well” insofar as it’s the other metal material-edged device which would leave room for glass front and the backs. Beside that considering this is a lesson in device design convergence.

Physical proof that the Galaxy S7 trully exists on somewhere in the world emerges to have leaked. What you are going to see is a set of pictures of the smartphone’s metal innards, shows what may be a slightly more robust style,when we are not really sure this is indeed the Samsung Galaxy S7 itself, There is one thing certainly: we are not nearly in the end of this whole “metal material border” madden in the gadget industry.

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