Limited Edition of Iron Man Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Have you known that Samsung is going to release limited edition of Iron Man Galaxy S6 Edge? A post from Samsung Electronic official account on Twitter confirmed to publics about what will be launched soon.

Unfortunately Samsung didn’t give official release date for this special edition device. The only detail given by Samsung is “coming soon”. The tweet from Samsung appeared shortly after Korea Herald informed that such special phones would be going to be launched in a couple of weeks.

iron man samsung galaxy s6 edge

Even though the Iron Man theme will be emblazoned the Galaxy S6 Edge devices, but it remains something unclear whether the character used is only Iron Man or not. It is likely that Samsung will determine the other characters depend on how well the Iron Man variant response in the market.

Furthermore, Forbes also reported that Samsung is offering an “Avengers: Age of Ultron” theme for the regular Galaxy S6. The device may bring special themed lock screens, icons and wallpapers.

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